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Our Food Tasting Policy:

  • Our food tasting is your opportunity to give us your honest feedback on specific dishes, (whether the dish is too salty, not enough sauce, too sour, etc.) so we can adjust the dish to your specifications. This will also be your opportunity to decide whether to serve something you are not quite sure your guests may enjoy.


  • We only offer tasting for intimate weddings from 45 to 50 guests.


  • Keep in mind that as a catering company we suggest you have a phone consultation with us before you schedule your tasting, that way we are able to know your tastes and needs to better recommend you a menu that best fit your expectations.


  • Tasting will follow the selection listed only from the tasting menu. Should you like to taste an item outside of your menu, there will be an additional charge.


  • You need to schedule an appointment for your tasting at least one month in advance. Tasting can be done Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 P.M. to 3 P.M. Our tasting last for no more than one and a half (1.5) hours, anything over the 1.5 hours, client(s) will be charged $95 for every half hour spent.


  • Tasting is ONLY done when booked through our company directly.


  • Roshelle Zielinski, LLC does not offer group tastings, our tastings are for an individual or a couple. You can choose THREE (3) different menu items from our tasting menu. Each of you will have your own personal size tasting plates. However, if you wish to have someone else with you to help decide your menu, please let us know two weeks in advance, an additional service charge will be added for the extra person(s).


  • Tastings are smaller portions.


  • Clients CANNOT request a tasting after booking their event.


  • We do charge for our tasting. Our tasting price is $210.00, NJ State tax will apply. Tastings are paid for in full and required no deposits. Payment can be made through Venmo and or Zelle. Any tastings greater than an hour from Wantage, NJ will be subjected to traveling fees.

  • Roshelle Zielinski, LLC requires our clients to sign a contract before the tasting.

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