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Meet The Chef

Roshelle Zielinski

With over 19 years in the culinary industry Chef Roshelle Zielinski started her career working as a waitress and a bartender in a small Jamaican restaurant located in Long Island, New York. Eager to put her skills to the test she gradually worked her way into the kitchen.


Not only did she rock out working both the front of the house and back of the house, she took her love and passion for food to the next level by introducing new flavors on the menu. A few years later she enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). A culinary school located downtown New York City.


Roshelle, worked in various restaurants and events throughout the country with great hopes of taking her love and passion for food internationally. In 2014, she assisted in the Super Bowl After Party, Hosted by DIRECT-TV in New York City at Pier 40 Stadium. Some of you might know it as the Celebrity Beach Bowl! And have also volunteered at a few culinary events such as the Celebrity Chef Gala.


Later in her career Chef Roshelle landed the job position that channeled her inner beast, a position that shaped every aspect of her businesses today. Chef Roshelle ran a restaurant where the menus changed every single day with 52 items on the menu. Menu items could not be repeated, nor the names of the dishes. It all had to be different. She created over 18,980 menu items for the first 1.5 years she worked for the company. As she continued to progress and showing what she is capable of, she was later introduced to many other projects within the company working along side some most talented Chefs in the industry. Not long after she was given yet another restaurant to run. A fine dining restaurant that was consulted by a world renowned celebrity Chef. As she and another Chef prepared in getting the new restaurant up and running she had to travel back and forth from New Jersey to Manhattan to work in the Chef's restaurant along side his staff for a few weeks. This was their way in making sure the Chef's dishes and recipes were properly represented. Though she loved every aspect of the job, and the Chefs she's worked with, it was time for her to move on.

Her career took her from working in restaurants to recipe development, menu writing, food blogging, opening restaurants, and food photography, a small cooking channel to now having her very own businesses. During her spare time, Chef Roshelle writes and test recipes for her home and upcoming events. Whether or not she’s having a good or bad day she is always cooking up delicious and tasty treats. She believes that “doing something one’s passionate about can heal all wounds”.



Personal Chef, Event Catering, Intimate Weddings, Specialty Events, Author, Personal Chef Consultant, Menu Design, Event Planning,

Menu Development, Research & Development 

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