Redefining Food Creatively

Coming from an eclectic background, Chef Roshelle Zielinski has always been passionate about great tasting food. Her love for food came at the age of 6. As a child growing up she would often observe both her mother and grandmother preparing meals in the kitchen. When she was finally tall enough to stand at the stove, she tried her first dish; fried chicken and plain white rice. From that moment on she returned home everyday with her lunch money so that her mom could purchase local ingredients to be used in teaching her how to cook.

Before starting out in the culinary industry, Chef Roshelle worked as a waitress and a bartender and gradually worked her way to the kitchen. Chef Roshelle Zielinski began her culinary career working at the age of 17, in a small restaurant located in Long Island, New York. After the thrill of moving up from the front of the house to the back of the house eventually wore off, she finally decided to take her love and passion for food to the next level. A few years later she enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). A Culinary school located downtown New York City. 


Chef Roshelle, worked in various restaurants and events throughout the New York and the New Jersey Area. One of her major projects was assisting in the Superbowl after party. Hosted by DIRECT-TV in New York City at Pier 40 Stadium in 2014…some of you might know it as the Celebrity Beach Bowl! Volunteering at the Celebrity Chef Gala on a year to year basis.

Her career took her from working in restaurants to recipe development, food blogging, opening restaurants, food photography, a small cooking channel to now having her very own business. During her spare time, Chef Roshelle writes and test recipes for her home and upcoming events. Whether or not she’s having a good or bad day she is always cooking up delicious and tasty treats. She believes that “doing something one’s passionate about can heal all wounds”.

Personal Chef for Hire

We understand that planning something as little as a dinner party can be stressful. Which is why you need to hire a 5 star chef for an exquisite meal of a lifetime.

Prepare for an unforgettable evening like none other. Where each meal is carefully and passionately prepared by Chef/Owner Chef Roshelle Zielinski. We begin with a free consultation where Chef Roshelle finds out about your taste preferences, menu ideas, and specific dietary restrictions.


Based on the information you provided to us, Chef Roshelle will create a customized menu for your event.

Services to be provided: On your scheduled event day Chef Roshelle will:

• Complete customized menu

• Shop for your groceries

• Arrive at your home with everything needed to prepare your event.

• Package leftovers in reheat-able containers. (If any leftovers)

Provide information on the proper reheating instructions. (As Needed)

• Clean your kitchen and leave your home within a 3 to 4 hour period.

Book your Personal Chef today!

Event Catering

Come celebrate your wedding day, birthday bash, private parties or holiday fiesta in the middle of the nature, on an organic farm. Just relax, enjoy and watch your special moment unfold before your eyes.

Whether you are launching a new product, having a company retreat, team building, fundraisers, picnic or celebrating a retirement, etc. We can host private events year round with your every own custom menu and beverage menu available. Inquire about your next event either by phone or email.


Our main focus is redefining the stigma behind, consumers, locally sourced products and our local farmers. Our menus are seasonal and are all passionately prepared by Chef and Owner Roshelle Zielinski

Talk about a restaurant without walls. Chef Roshelle

farm-to-fork dining experience bring freshness and a bountiful harvest of ingredients locally sourced from the beautiful surrounding farms in the Wantage and Hudson Valley area. Not only will our outdoor dining experience deliver an exceptional meal, but it will also showcase the importance of supporting our local farmers and a chance to learn firsthand about each meal presented in front of you. Each event will be every Sunday in each month and tickets will be available for purchase through our site.

Where We Service

 We travel to our clients. We do anything from an intimate dinner for two to weddings up to 100 guests. We believe there is no event too big or small us too cater. 

We service New Jersey, Upstate New York, Connecticut, The Hamptons, Long Island, NY, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, etc. Call today at (201) 898-9370, to find our how you can experience this 5 star dining experience in the comfort of your own home or venue of your choosing. We are excited to hear from you.